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GRYPHUS SECURITY SERVICES with its teams of expert provides high quality protection, customized security and consulting up to the highest world standards, and complemented with many years of experience in high hostile environments and gained reputation in the riskiest parts of the world. Provides high quality, customized security services for private and public clients with unique and demanding security needs. Gryphus security services is a specially trained group of former special police/military officers with Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and highly-trained security professionals who provide close protection services for highly demanding clients with unusual risk profiles. Gryphus security services is a company that specializes in providing close protection services to Celebrities, Business Executives, Expatriates, International Delegations, Film Production and other. Gryphus security services provides discrete and effective security solutions that are tailored to each individual client requirements.

GRYPHUS SECURITY SERVICES provides services of :
  • Private VIP bodyguard, close protection both overt and covert

  • Drivers with defense driving certification for both armored and soft skin.

  • Certified security drivers with service of special car models for VIP services (Limousines & Vans at any location)

  • Hotel & Residences security including gate security officers, static/patrol guards,  video surveillance, scanners, alarm systems & preventive security expertise

  • Maritime Security team members at your disposal are yacht guard officers, security surveillance divers, support at sea 24/7.

  • Security of High Profile events as private parties, music events, sport events, conventions, conferences, etc

We Provide this SERVICES

Executive & VIP protection

Our VIP Protection team operates provide all types of security profiles. Protection operatives are suitably matched with Principles to ensure their safety and are responsible for making sure that itineraries are met and protections requirements are fulfilled, preventing obstacles or time delays from happening. Foreign Corporate Executives utilize this service to ensure security and safety of their families, residential properties, as well as their own personal safety while they are on business in Croatia. To ensure effective delivery of this service, Luxury Vehicles, Security Drivers and Close Protection Agents are provided. Since proper planning and team coordination are essential to our clients safety, Gryphus security services gets involved at an early stage to ensure that all security details are covered. If you are interested in learning more about how our Gryphus security services team can help with your protection, please contact us for further details.

Hotel & residences protection

Gryphus security services provides security services for Hotel/Residences including gate security officers, security patrol, video surveillance, scanners, alarm systems and preventive security expertise and supervision. We provide security for 24 hours per day or as per the individual client requirements, to provide a comprehensive security and protection service. Residential operatives undergo continuous training to maintain a high level of expertise and competency and are therefore effective in preventing threats from becoming reality. Gryphus security services has the expertise, professionalism, and qualifications to handle all your apartment complex security needs. We promise an engaged and active security presence. Our security officers patrol your complex on foot, bicycle, segway or vehicle. With a dedicated phone number for your property, onsite security check point system, and frequent supervisor oversight, your property will receive the security you thought you were paying for. We are very able to handle your guard shack security needs. We promise an engaged and active security presence. Our guards are trained to provide an elite level of security with an emphasis on customer service, professionalism, and discretion. We believe our guards are your community ambassadors as they are the first impression when entering your private community.

Maritime security

Maritime Security team members at your disposal are yacht guard officers, security surveillance divers and QRF security support team at sea 24/7 and can include escort rubber boats. Gryphus security services provides high quality security services at sea with special trained maritime guards, who recruited from special navy forces and have waterborne survival skills and experiences. If you are planning your sea going voyage at Adriatic sea (Croatia), please contact Gryphus security services so you can enjoy your time on the water.

Special event security

Gryphus security services also provides high quality services for special event with professional security officers who have the training, experience and profile to ensure that your event is safe, secure and successful. Gryphus security services provides services for everything from small, private events to full service at the largest event venues in the country. Gryphus security services has the experience and expertise to help your event go off without a hitch.

Consulting services

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